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A constantly updated repository of Terramor related documents. Many of these documents are .pdfs and some are pictures.


Notes about this folder.

This is a PUBLIC folder. Anyone with the link can view the contents. Only the owner can upload items to the folder.

This folder attempts to contain all PUBLIC documents related to the Terramor Catskills “Glamping” project proposed for West Saugerties. NOTE: While we do our best to capture as many documents as we can, it is very likely that there may be documents in the Public File which are not represented here. This is not an official site. The only official Public File is at the Town Hall in Saugerties. Persons wishing to examine the Public File should get in touch with the Planning Board Recording Secretary and request a convenient time to examine the file.

The contents are a mixture of PDFs (documents) and JPGs (pictures of documents) all of which are either in the Public File or are part of the historical record of this project in this current proposal (Terramor) or the previous proposal (South Peak).

These items are labeled with the date first. This means that you can sort them by name and get a chronological view of the list. To do this, click the little grid of boxes icon in the top right of the Drive page. This will turn the presentation from a bunch of square thumbnails into a list of files. Now click the up or down arrow next to “Name”. This will order the files in ascending or descending date order.

WARNING: Some of these files are very large. Where the document is a picture of one page of a multi-page document, we have named the pictures “Page X of Y” so that you can find all the pages. This is cumbersome, and we will try to improve this.

There are two sub-folders. One is the Complete SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) proposed by Terramor. The other is a folder of older documents having to do with the old South Peak project. This latter folder is sparse. It includes Saugerties Planning Board minutes where South Peak is mentioned. Note that the earliest appearances of South Peak at the Planning Board are not (currently) part of the electronic record available on the Town website.

(Revised Monday September 12, 2022)

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