This site is intended as a resource for neighbors about the Trouble with Terramor and Terramor Overdevelopment of the proposed Terramor Saugerties Catskills “Glamping” project in the South Peak / Shultis Corners neighborhood of West Saugerties, NY. We are concerned about the Trouble with Terramor and Terramor Overdevelopmet.

Terramor is a division of KOA. They propose a 75 site “glamping” operation off Route 212 in very far West Saugerties, NY. The entrance is to be just north east of the South Peak Veterinary office on NYS Route 212 . The parcels on which the development is planned are about 77 acres combined. The terrain is “difficult”, with a very prominent ridge, many wetlands and at least two streams. We suggest that the plans as expressed in the Terramor submissions to the Saugerties Planning Board are too ambitious for the terrain and the neighborhood, and that this is Terramor Overdevelopment.

This site was first established in late 2004 as a place for information and resources about the South Peak Subdivision, which was planned for the same property. That project never came to pass.

We feature some of the messages and files which were first published on the Yahoo! Groups site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/southpeakneighbors/. Complete messages and files from 2004 to early 2011 are available through that site. The Yahoo! group is now deprecated and exists only as an archive. (Edit: June 2022: Yahoo! took down their Groups product in 2020 and the Internet Archive did not preserve the site)

We also feature posts about the process the original South Peak Subdivision went through and the current Terramor Catskills Glamping project. This site is in no way affiliated with neither the KOA/Terramor companies, nor the Saugerties Town Planning Board.

Site management can be reached at mark@southpeaknabe.com

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  1. EDIT: Note: This comment is from Jun 16, 2011 at 09:03
    Who are the new developers?
    Also, as much as we appreciate all of the work you’ve done on this site, we think that there needs to be a meeting of neighbors before you can “represent” us.

  2. EDIT: Note: This comment is from Jun 16, 2011 at 09:05
    The flyer states that drainage will be improved on Osnas and Cottontail. How do we know their plan will work? Maybe we need to hire our own engineer or expert of some sort to review these plans.

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