KOA/Terramor schedules next neighbor meeting and site walk for June 7 2022




From the invite email:

Based off of continued studies and our meeting in March, we are excited to, once again, invite you to see our updated site plan. You should be receiving the attached postcard in the mail in the next few days, but I also wanted to reach out via email to ensure you have more time to save the date.

This next meeting will take place on property, and after we showcase our site design, we will welcome anyone who is interested to stay and walk the property with our team. Please be sure to wear hiking shoes and dress appropriately or in layers.
WHEN: June 7, 5:30pm
WHERE: Meet in front of South Peak Veterinary Clinic

After we asked for some clarifying details we were told “We will have a large site map printed out for the meeting that will call to attention changes. Not a ton of major changes, other than we moved the employee housing and maintenance area further back, away from Cottontail and adjusted the location of the Lodge and pool slightly.”

They also said that they are still shooting for the June 21st Saugerties Planning Board meeting. With regard to that meeting, it would be a good idea for all interested parties to tell the Town that we want the meeting to be in person. The recent meetings, including the May Planning Board meeting have been held over WebEx. This will prove very difficult with the amount of interest which will be generated by the Terramor project. In fact, we asked twice to be given the WebEx details for the May and details were not forthcoming because we did not have business in before the Board. Below are the emails of people who may be able to change the meeting from virtual to hybrid virtual/in person. We suggest an email to each person (or use BCC)

Fred Costello (Town Supervisor) fcostello@saugertiesny.gov
C. Howard Post (chowardpost@gmail.com) Chairperson
Carole Furman (octagon@hvc.rr.com) Vice Chair
Kevin Brady (kbrady@cerestechnologies.com)
Ken Goldberg (K2535@aol.com)
Michael Tiano (mmt92080@gmail.com)
Len Bouren (labouren@hotmail.com)
Robert Hlavaty (robertahlavaty@gmail.com)
William Creen (willcreen@yahoo.com)
Becky Bertorelli (BBertorelli@saugertiesny.gov) Recording Secretary

Here are the emails formatted for your BCC field using commas as separator:
fcostello@saugertiesny.gov, chowardpost@gmail.com, octagon@hvc.rr.com, kbrady@cerestechnologies.com, K2535@aol.com, mmt92080@gmail.com, labouren@hotmail.com, robertahlavaty@gmail.com, willcreen@yahoo.com, BBertorelli@saugertiesny.gov

Here are the emails formatted for your BCC field using semi-colons as separator:
fcostello@saugertiesny.gov; chowardpost@gmail.com; octagon@hvc.rr.com; kbrady@cerestechnologies.com; K2535@aol.com; mmt92080@gmail.com; labouren@hotmail.com; robertahlavaty@gmail.com; willcreen@yahoo.com; BBertorelli@saugertiesny.gov