Wednesday February 8, 2023 – Terramor WITHDRAW their application

From the Saugerties Planning Board Secretary:

Please be advised that Terramor Catskills has withdrawn their application for the site located on Route 212 and Cottontail Lane.

We then fired off a very quick email saying:

Ms. Bertorelli, Mr. Post,
Thanks for the update.
People subscribed to the site will want to know what this means.
Questions like:

  • * Have Terramor withdrawn the application so that they can work on it further and resubmit later? Answer from Terramor: No. The application is withdrawn with no intention to resubmit at a later date.
  • * If yes, does the entire process start from scratch (EAF, agency consultations etc.), or can they pick up from where they left off?
  • * If they are withdrawing completely and not planning a different submission, what are their options? Sell? Conservation Easement by limiting the deed? Answer from Terramor: We discussing our options internally.
  • * Can we safely assume that this is materially different from them asking for extensions, as other developers often do?
  • *Was any explanation offered (formally or not)? Answer from Teramor: As noted in the attached, after careful evaluation, we determined the property did not meet our criteria across several key benchmarks, including increasingly high costs of development in the market which impacted performance metrics.

Any and all insight the Board can offer will be appreciated by the many people following this project.

I will soon submit a FOIL for the withdrawal letter.

Thanks for your efforts.

And the Planning Board Chair wrote back:

We have no idea what they are thinking other than this application has been withdrawn and if they resubmit it will be from scratch . Nothing to stop them from re submitting .
They might sell… they gave no indication nor do they have to.
Howard Post

Here is the letter sent to neighbours:
Terramor Catskills Withdrawal

and as a jpg

This post will be updated with further details if and when they become available.