Hundreds of letters in opposition (3 in favor) – Catching up with the Terramor Public File – January 24th 2023

Letters in opposition to Terramor 1
Just some of the emails sent to Saugerties PB in opposition to Terramor
Letters in opposition to Terramor 1
Just a few more of the emails sent to Saugerties PB in opposition to Terramor

On Tuesday the 24th we caught up with the Terramor Public File. This was a chance to go through all the contents from the start, and also to see what had come in since the last large submissions in early December.

The vast majority of submissions were letters in opposition to the project from individual citizens. I counted over 120 in opposition and 3 in favor (all from folks who have business relationships with Terramor in Maine). There were also many letters from the entities from whom we heard at the Terramor Public Informational session on January 17th.

We have added a new sub-folder to the Shared Google Drive of all documents from the Public File. The new folder is called “Public Correspondence” and it can be found here:

Here are a few of documents just added to the “Public Correspondence” sub-folder:

2023 01 17 Stuart Auchincloss Address at Terramor Informational Session
2023 01 17 Sierra Club Address to Terramor Public Informational Session
2023 01 17 Laura Ricci address to Public Informational Session
2023 01 17 Doug Harberer address to Terramor Informational Session
2023 01 17 Catskill Mountainkeeper address to Terramor Public Informational Session
2023 01 15 Aylah Frank One fire pit letter to Saugerties PB
2023 01 06 Sierra Club letter to Saugerties PB
2023 01 06 Overlook Mountain Center letter to Saugerties PB
2022 12 19 WJC Letter to Saugerties PB
2022 12 19 Local mom and pop glamping owners letter to Saugerties PB
2022 12 19 Citizens Against Terramor letter to Saugerties PB
2022 11 15 Woodstock Day School letter to Saugerties PB
2022 11 14 Woodstock Land Conservancy letter to Saugerties PB
2022 07 11 Mark Kanter letter to Saugerties PB
2022 07 09 Dawn Greer letter to Saugerties PB

As we’ve noted before, you can find hundreds more documents in the folder called “Terramor One Copy of all documents sequentially dated SORT BY NAME for chronological list” and it can be found here:

A note about these submissions to the Public File: These are public submissions and thus contain people’s emails and other identifying information. Please do not be a jerk and do not use these public submissions to harass or harm folks participating in the process. Remember the Golden Rule…

Audio of Saugerties Planning Board Informational Session about Terramor Catskills Saugerties – Tuesday January 17th 2023

Here is an audio recording of the various speakers at the Informational Session about Terramor Catskills Saugerties of the Sugerties Planning Board on Tuesday January 17th. Audio courtesy of the Saugerties Planning Board. (We hope to had a written transcript soon)

Speakers and their starting times:
(00:00) Introduction by C. Howard Post, Chair Saugerties Planning Board
1. (00:36) Charles Gottleib – Terramor Legal Counsel
2. (01:40) Susan Paynter – Citizens Against Terramor
3. (07:10) Paul Rubin – Hydrologist, Hydroquest
4. (12:33) Tracy Bouvette
5. (17:30) Maeve Tooher – Citizens Against Terramor Legal Counsel
6. (22:53) Andy Mossey – Woodstock Land Conservancy
7. (27:11) Eve Fox – Woodstock Day School
8. (32:00) Laura Ricci – Woodstock Town Board member
9. (39:30) Kathy Nolan – Catskill Mountain Keeper, member Ulster County Legislature
10. (42:42) Tom Helling – Sierra Club
11. (48:53) Glenn Kreisberg – Overlook Mountain Center
12. (54:47) Andy Scherer
13. (1:30:50) Stuart Auchincloss
14. (1:07:30) Mark Pisani
15. (1:14:21) Paul Steinberg
16. (1:17:00) Doug Haeberer
17. (1:23:24) Irwin Rosenthal – sings the audience a song
18. (1:25:53) Richard Buck
19. (1:38:25) Cory Smith
20. ((1:35:52) Lori Mendelis
21. (1:43:00) Richard Cohen
22. (1:46:20) Gail Albert – congregant, Woodstock Jewish Congregation

Hear the full audio here:
Or listen here:

Saugerties Planning Board releases agenda for January 17th, 2023 meeting – Terramor Informational Session is 2nd on agenda


The Saugerties Planning Board has released the agenda for the January 17th, 2023 meeting.

The Terramor informational session is second on the agenda. It is listed under the “Public Hearings” rubric, even though it is very particularly not a formal Public Hearing (that will come later).

As we have noted previously, this informational session will take the shape of speaker slots, each slot strictly limited to five minutes.

Here is a list of subjects which we know will be covered by individual speakers:
1. Sierra Club and will speak about wetlands and habitat loss 
2. Woodstock Land Conservancy and will speak about wetlands and habitat loss endangered species habitat 
3. Hydrologist, will focus on the water issues and the well testing
4. Woodstock Day School and has expressed concerns about pesticides, smoke and traffic endangering the lives of their 200 students
5. Woodstock Jewish Congregation has been confirmed’ and they will focus on wastewater and the sacred pond
6. Representative of CAT will speak about what Terramor will NOT give the Saugerties community
7. CAT attorney has been confirmed as a speaker with topics TBD
8. A Saugerties neighbor on 212 will speak about the gag order he was asked to sign when Terramor wanted to use his property to gain access to the Terramor land
9. Catskill Mountain Keeper will speak.
10. [Redacted] will speak to wastewater treatment
11. [Redacted] will speak about water contamination from the nearby superfund site
12. [Redacted] will speak about traffic
14. [Redacted] will speak as a Woodstock board member and concerned citizen
15. [Redacted] TBD- possibly recreational smoke
14. [Redacted] will share slides showing that tents are not temporary 
15. [Redacted] will speak about broadband

These are only the speakers of which this site is aware. There may be others. This will almost certainly NOT be the running order of the speakers. Some speakers may also choose to use their time to ask questions of the Board.

As always, it is important that all interested parties attend the session, even if they are not on the speakers’ list. The more people showing interest in the session, the more the Planning Board will take notice. Having said that, it is equally important that attendees respect the process and maintain decorum during the session. Outbursts and audible asides will not go down well with the Board and will only delay what will be a long evening for all involved.

We once again encourage interested parties to look at the “Write a Letter” page here ( Anybody can write a letter to the Board at any time, about any subject. If you did not get signed up to speak, you can write a letter.

Here is the agenda as it was on Thursday January 12th, 2023:

You can see the agenda page for the Saugerties Planning Board at:

Saugerties Planning Board formally announces protocol for Public Information Session about Terramor

Official Seal of the Town of Saugerties NY

The Saugerties Planning Board has circulated a letter to interested parties about the protocol for the Public Information Session about Terramor, scheduled for the Planning Board Meeting of January 17th 2023.

The Board requests that members of groups collaborate to minimize repetitions. If you want to sign up to speak, you must do so before January 10th by getting in touch with Becky Bertorelli, Planning Board Secretary, at

The Board takes care to say that the 5 minute time limit will be strictly enforced. They further note that this is NOT a formal Public Hearing. That will come later.

Below we reproduce the letter and then the formal notice form the Planning Board website

2023-01-02-Saugerties-planning-board-hotice-of informational-meeting-January-17th-2023

Formal notce from Saugerties Planning Board about Public Informational Session about Terramor January 17th 2023