November 23, 2021 – Introductory Letter from KOA/Terramor

Immediate neighbours (we assume those who have property contiguous with the South Peak properties) have received a letter, dated November 15th, from Jenny McCullough, Director of Marketing & Brand Experience, Terramor Outdoor Resort. The letter was drafted November 8th and was adjusted after some written and spoken input from at least one neighbour.

Below is the text of the letter. You can also download the .pdf here:

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Once again, we stress that this website,, has no association with either KOA or Terramor or the Saugerties Planning Board. It is merely an informational website attempting to keep neighbours and other interested parties up to date on developments in and around the South Peak area of West Saugerties.


Full text of letter sent to neighbours:

November 15, 2021
Sent On Behalf of Terramor Outdoor Resort
An entity of Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
Jenny McCullough

Dear Neighbor,
We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and help answer any questions or concerns you may have while we are in the process of purchasing the 75.12 acre of land located within your neighborhood on Route 212.

We are Kampgrounds of America, Inc., known mainly as KOA. Historically, KOA is the largest camping brand in the world, with over 500 campgrounds across North America. While our KOA campgrounds service RVers, tent campers, motorhomes and more, the intent for this property is to expand our new venture focused on introducing individuals to the great outdoors in an elevated and comfortable way.

In 2020, KOA launched a new brand called Terramor Outdoor Resorts in Bar Harbor, Maine. Terramor, which means “love of land,” is a new concept with custom made canvas and hard-sided tent accommodations. Our Terramor properties include:
* Central Lodge with a small kitchen, concierge desk and check-in
* Heated outdoor pool and hot tub
* Communal pavilion for onsite activities
* Nature trails throughout the property
* Designated parking areas, encouraging our guests to walk to their accommodations and around our campus
* Canvas and hard-sided tents, located a minimum of 50-feet form one another
* Privacy and noise-scaping to help prevent noise both on and offsite

We take our ‘love of land’ name seriously. Our properties are designed to have limited impacts on the land; utilizing one or two central septic systems, creating unpaved roadways, participating in recycling programs and more. All of our tents are built on elevated platforms to minimize destruction to the land and are pushed back into the forests to provide privacy. In our flagship location, we replanted over 1,000 trees to the property and worked with the Acadia National Park’s landscape architect to use local flora and fauna and rebuild the natural ecosystem for our guests to enjoy.

The property in reference is zoned for a campground with up to 50 sites. While we do not close on the property until late December, we anticipate this site to have 50 tent accommodations. Our design plan is to build the luxury campground off of Route 212, tucked into the acreage so it would not be visible from the road. While we will have an access road on Cottontail, this road would not be a main entrance and serve more for emergency vehicles. Terramor Catskills would operate on a seasonal basis for 7-9 months a year.

We are committed to being a high integrity, respectful and quiet neighbor. We institute a strict quiet hours policy at our property to ensure our guests get to experience the sounds of nature. Terramor’s brand exemplifies both the love of land and love of locale, which means we work hard to be a strong community partner. We work to source much of our food and beverage locally, sell locally made products and gifts in our store, promote local businesses, guides and tour operators and help educate guests on the importance of outdoor conservation.

We are currently working with the city and county to ensure required and recommended studies, procedures and licensing is taking place. In the meantime, please take a moment to get to know us a bit more by visiting our website,
If you have any further questions, you are welcome to send me an email at We look forward to becoming a member of your community!


Jenny McCullough
Director of Marketing & Brand Experience
Terramor Outdoor Resort
— ends —