South Peak – A Different Tack – First Activity in Years – November 2021

KOA Terramor South Peak Saugerties Proposal

KOA Terramor South Peak Saugerties Proposal

November 01, 2021

Neighbors of the South Peak Saugerties property may have noticed activity on the hill over the  last few weeks. This is the result of a early-stage proposal for new development on the property.

While there has been no formal application to the Town, and it is very early in the process, we do know a few details:

  1. The “Terramor” division of KOA is exploring siting a glamping operation on the site.
  2. Surveyors have spent at least three days on the site. They were re-surveying the site to see if anything had changed since the last survey undertaken in 2003/2005. This is often a due-diligence requirement before properties formally change hands.
  3. The well drilling folks  were on the property to clear paths to the old test wells on the property. We do not know if any testing has yet taken place.
  4. As far as we can tell, the Ulster County Clerk has not yet recorded a formal sale of the two lots. They appear to still be in the hands of the most recent owners of record.
  5. While there has been no formal proposal to the Town, the KOA people have attended at least one informal Planning Board workshop. This is usually an informal opportunity for developers to understand the Town’s planning process and to ask the Board preliminary questions about the proposal/approval workflow.
  6. An initial outreach to the KOA folks yielded a relatively positive response, including an invitation to join the Director of Acquisitions and the Marketing Director at KOA/Terramore for a Zoom call with members of the Planning Board.

We are formulating a series of questions for the new developers and the Planning Board. Not surprisingly, these revolve around the same concerns expressed years ago when the proposed sub-division was under discussion and achieved conditional final approval.

It’s important to note that this is a very different proposal (“special use” vs. “subdivision”) and so some efforts required of the developers will be different. Additionally, some very particular facts about the immediate neighbourhood have changed and these changes affect certain parts of the Planning Board’s considerations.

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We welcome any constructive input and, especially, questions and concerns which can be raised with the developers and Planning Board.

It should go without saying that this website,, has no association with either KOA or Terramor  or the Saugerties Planning Board. It is merely an informational website attempting to keep neighbours and other interested parties up to date on developments in and around  the South Peak area of West Saugerties.