New Terramor documents – FOIL results from Ulster County DOH and NYS DEC

In early November we filed Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests with the Ulster County Department of Health and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The text of our request was for:

“any and all records, maps, forms, photos, permits, applications, reports, submissions, and correspondence, whether written or electronic, between (UCDOH or NYSDEC) and KOA and/or its Terramor Outdoor Resorts subsidiary, contractors, and assignees.”

The UCDOH results are available here:

These responsive records were provided on paper and dated November 15th, 2022. They have been scanned to one large pdf.

Most responsive records are emails back and forth between Terramor’s planners, CT Male Assoc., and the UCDOH. The subjects vary but mostly revolve around testing of wells on the site and on neighbors’ property. Many of the emails are part of chains and thus pose difficulties in sorting out dates and transmission flows. There are also lots of repeating elements bulking up the scans. This is a result of the way in which the responsive records are transmitted from the IT people to the FOIL officer. There is also one document we have not seen before, the Ulster County Planning Department document titled: Terramor Catskills — Special Permit and Site Plan Review

We have run OCR on the whole document, extracted relevant email threads, and edited out repeated elements like signatures, etc. We have rearranged the email threads so that they can be read chronologically from top down. Files are named by date of first email in the chain. Important note: There are some strange OCR artifacts. Consult the original .pdf for the canonical version.

NYSDEC results are available here:

These documents were provided electronically. Most are repeats of items we have seen before. There are several emails back and forth between the developers and the DEC people in charge of reviewing the items submitted so far. This is a long process and both sides take note of that.

One interesting new item here is the DEC emphasizing to the developer that the plans associated with the old South Peak subdivision development are irrelevant for the new proposal. There is also a graphic of a new location for the surface water discharge. This item is not dated, so we know little about its current status. We will try to find out.

Both of the new FOIL folders are contained within the previously referenced folder called “Terramor-One-Copy-of-all-documents-sequentially-dated-SORT-BY-NAME-for-chronological-list” available here: