Important New Submissions from Terramor Catskills Saugerties – December 06 2022

Lawyer with briefaces Terramor Overdevelopment
On Tuesday December 6th, Terramor’s new lawyers and their various contractors submitted a number of new documents to the Saugerties Planning Board.

The documents submitted include:

  • December 6, 2022 Terramor cover letter with enclosures
  • Terramor SEQRA Expanded EAF Narrative
  • Terramor Revised SWPPP
  • Terramor Revised site plans

All of the documents have been uploaded to the Google Drive which contains as many of the items from the Public file as we have and the FOIL results from various other agencies. That Drive link can be found here:

This is an important set of submissions. There is plenty of new technical information here, but the cover letter is of particular interest.

It should be noted that this likely means that Terramor will be on the agenda for the December 20th meeting of the Saugerties Planning Board.

Here are the individual submissions: