Dec 2, 2004 – Sharing Information

Hey “Group”! Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.
I was so frustrated for not being able to attend the public hearing,
I called Juanita (head of the planning boards’s secretary)and asked
her if I could have a copy of the meeting’s minutes. She said anyone
can have a copy of the minutes, but not until they are approved,
which will be at the next planning board meeting.
The next meeting will be Dec. 21st at 7:30. (It’s always the third
tuesday of each month). Although not all meetings are “public
hearings”, all meetings are open to the public, and it is a casual
enough atmosphere that members of the public can ask questions at
these meetings.
I asked her take on how the hearing went for the Southpeak project,
and she said that our group presented a very professional and united
front, that we gave some very valuble information to the planning
board, and that Mr. Rothe has not gotten any approvals yet. The only
thing that was agreed was that Cotton Tail Lane will be an emergency
access road only, and that Mr. Rothe is supposed to work with the
town engineer about addresing the drainage problem of the
neighborhood before he can do anything else. He now has more
information he needs to bring to them, and it may be at the next
planning board meeting. Juanita said she’ll know who’s on the agenda
two days prior to the meeting. I’ll be contacting her at that point,
and I will let you know via this site if Southpeak will be on the
agenda. And I’m planning on being there!
Dawn Greer

(originally published on the Yahoo Groups site  December 2, 2004)