2004 – First activity of South Peak Development

Saugerties Town Planning Boad Minutes October 19 2004 (pdf)
3. Major-South Peak-Rt. 2 12- Maps presented by Richard Rothe. A 41 lot subdivisio’n. Will
have a Town road with extension to looped roads. Have addressed the Federal wetlands, DEC
stream crossing, storm water drainage report almost ready for distribution, Health Dept. and curb
cut. Check pond depth on map (36ft. deep). Lot 7 is quite steep. A motion by Brandt,
seconded by Rinaldo to grant sketch approval and to schedule a public hearing for November 16,
2004. All in favor, none opposed, carried. Needs updated EAF, delineate wetlands and show
setbacks on each lot.

Planning Boards Minutes August 2004
5. Major- South Peak – kt. 212- Maps presented by Richard Rothe-this is an update-77 acres subdivided
into 4 1 single family lots. Town road and private roads of 3 Phases. Needs road maintenance agreement.
Smallest lot is one acre but mostly 1.5 or 2 acres. Has road grading and in process of getting access and
wetland delineation. Creen would like driveways to be looped instead of Dead Ends, would be better if
Town takes over. Leave a 50ft. wide to join roads.

Planning Board Meeting Minutes February 17 2004 (pdf)
2. Major-212 developers, LLC / South Peak Subdivision – Rt. 212 & Glasco Turnpike-Maps .
presented by Richard Rothe-53 acres and option to purchase other acreage. Has wetlands and
will delineate, There is a stream and plans to cross it with a Town road. Needs curb cut, septic
and storm water management. A motion by Creen, seconded by Post to grant Town of
Saugerties as Lead Agency. All in favor, none opposed, carried.