A word with the developer (EDIT: And minutes from Saugerties June 2011 Planning Board Meeting

Thursday June 16 I had a chance to chat with Bill Kugelman of Philips International. He is the man in charge of the South Peak Subdivision for the developers.

Points he made:
* There is no firm start date or breaking ground date. He was very careful to emphasize that in the current market it would not be prudent to commit to a particular date.
* When asked what the order of developments might be, Mr. Kugelman said that this was an aspect of the development which was still under discussion. He said that obviously it would be better to have sold plots and locked in buyers before building the road, because nobody want anyone to build a road to nowhere. But he was not confident that that pre-sales would be forthcoming in the current climate.
* The developers remain committed to the project.
* Mr. Kugelman was at pains to point out the developers’ commitment to the off site drainage projects on Osnas and Cottontail.
* He will not be at the June 21 Planning Board meeting. The engineer and the developer’s lawyer will be.

EDIT (Aug 25, 2022 – adding minutes)
The June 21, 2011 meeting took place. Minutes here

1. Major-South Peak / Philips International-Rt. 212-Plans presented by Nancy Clark, Engineer- In 2007 proposed 23 lots and have Conditional approval. Now 22 lots and here to propose Phasing. They are working on Health Dept. approval for all lots.
Phase 1 – will be 4 lots off Rt. 212, new road to cul-de-sac, and drainage improvements on Osnas Lane.
Phase 2 – including Cottontail Road with 4 lots and stormwater drainage.
Phase 3 – including the rest of the lots.
Clark-meetings with Mark Pisani (Osnas Lane representative) have gone well. The Engineering for the whole project is done and Pl. Bd. will approve each Phasing on separate maps when submitted to the Pl. Bd. The time limit is 3 years. Discussed Stormwater District. Mark Pisani-pleased with Pl.Bd. and Engineers workings with him.

A motion by Goldberg, seconded by Weeks to approve the Phasing of this project and now approve Phase 1 with all Conditions. All in favor, none opposed, carried.
Clark-with reference to Conditions-this does not need nor ever did need to be sent to Ul.Co.Pl.Bd. under the rules at that time and Cultural Research has been done as these Conditions are old.
Clark-On August 18, 2011 extension expires. A motion by Creen, seconded by Weeks to grant a 90 day extension from August 18, 2011. All in favor, none opposed, carried.

This is the point at which they settled on 22 houses (down from the 41 they started with in 2004).
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