Jan 27, 2005 – Re: A message from the developers

The idea, at this point, is to share information as openly as
possible. Any and all information is useful and appreciated. Readers
will do with it what they will. Understanding the source of the
information and the intent behind the provision of that information is
a more thorny issue. One which can lead to speculation and

(originally published on the Yahoo Groups site January 27, 2005)

When Mark gave me the web site address yesterday he did not ask me
to not respond.

I’m sorry that you feel that my letter was coming from an
adversarial perspective. I feel that I was continuing to share
information in the hopes of assisting to educate your group in the
rules and regulations pertianing to this project, and assuring that
your procedures in approaching the project are based on regulatory

As you know, this office has been more than open in providing you
with maps, answering any questions you have, and in maintaining an
open dialogue with you.

We encourage you all to use whatever facts you can to provide your
point of view to the town and we appreciate your involvement with
the process as we hope to use your concerns and perspectives to make
this a better project.

Yes I took exception to the reference and implication that our work
would be on the level of the Jewish Congregation site, as we did not
participate in that project, and a using it as a comparison to what
can be expected from us is without basis.

Kimberly Snyder

(originally published on the Yahoo Groups site January 26, 2005 )