Sep 28, 2005 – Update

Well, it’s been months with no news, not so much as a buzz, so I called
the planning board today (9/28) to see if there is anything going on
with the Southpeak development. They have heard nothing from Rothe
Engineering in months, and as far as they know R.E. is still waiting
for test results and approvals before they can go before the planning
board again. If the planning board doesn’t hear anything from them
within the next couple of months they will send a letter asking their
intent. Come the end of the year they may come off the list of old
There has been some activity “in the woods” at the end of Cotton Tail
over the summer, people with ATV’s and clip boards and such. I never
got to talk to anyone to see what they were doing. Does anyone else
have any info to share?
Dawn Greer

(originally published on the Yahoo Groups site September 28, 2005)