November 17 2004 – Notes about the first Public Meeting

Thanks to all who turned out at the Public Meeting last night, Tuesday
November 16.

South Peak was the very first item on the agenda. After a brief
presentation by Richard Rothe, the engineer for the development (and
also one of the partners), the floor was opnend to the public. We
raised several issues:

*Drainage – letting the board know our present problems and concerns
about how the new construction would affect that.

*Well water – asking how the drilling of wells on the property might
affect our wells and whether there were contingency plans to deal with
added turbidty or wells possibly drying up.

*Traffic – telling the board of the problems anticipated with cars
pulling out of the proposed new road onto Route 212. Also asking that
there be consideration of making the Cottontail exit/entrance an
emergency one.

*Wildlfe – brief mention was made of bear, deer and others.

Analysis from those who were there is welcome. Comments also.

On a personal note, I have had a particularly horrible computer crash
and so my ability to coordinate some of these items will be limited
for a while. I anticipate being able to get back to work soon. The
website at is on its feet, but not yet walking.
Suggestions for content are welcome.


(originally published on the Yahoo Groups site November 17, 2004)