Saugerties Town Planning Board Minutes June 15 2010

Saugerties Town Planning Board Minutes June 15 2010 (pdf)

South Peak / Rt. 212 Development –Plans presented by Nancy Clark – Pl Bd gave
Conditional final approval to 23 lots and DEC approved 18 lots. DEC changed
regulations and applicant received credit for infiltration. They reduced pond sizes and
can now add 4 lots that were lost from DEC – Lots 13, 14, 18 and 20. No other changes
to Conditions. Applicant asking for another 6 month extension-present extension expires
in Aug. 2010 so this extension would expire in Feb. 2011 as the Health Dept. is
reviewing the new plans. A motion by Creen, seconded by Goldberg to extend
Conditional Final approval until Feb. 2011. All in favor, none opposed, carried. Creen they started with 26 lots, now 22 lots so subdivision has gotten smaller

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